"AAA is one of the first Asset Verification Service provider in India, helping our clients in Physical verification of assets to manage and keep track of their fixed assets and business interests since 1996. We have Pan- India Fixed asset Management operations and presence in Delhi, Gurgaon (Gurugram), Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore (Bengaluru), Hyderabad and many other cities in India. Our network and services have evolved over thousands of man-hour inputs on various projects guided by feedback from some of the best asset managers of Global MNC's."

Assets are one of the most important concerns for any company, be it large or small. As your organization grows, it keeps on adding huge number of assets all across the area of operations. This results in complex asset registers and a difficult task of keeping a check on them, on the dual fronts of ensuring physical possession by the company as well as the optimal functional state that they are supposed to be in.
Also with the ever growing weight-age of Fixed assets in Balance sheets of the company, there is a greater emphasis on the actual where-about and status of the assets from the various stakeholders like Management, investors, government and regulators, auditors, etc.
Major reqirement for Physical Verification of assets stems from :
-Statutory compliance - CARO and Compaies Act 2013
-Internal Compliance
-Valuation and write offs
-To verify existance of Assets
-To ensure there is no variance between books of accounts and ground reality, so that true and fair picture of financial statements is provided.
To meet these requirement and ensure the asset base of the company is intact, we deliver solutions regarding the same in form of our Flagship Fixed assets verification services. Through our systematic periodic verification and certification of the same, you can ensure the control of all your assets and in the process satisfy any compliance and regulatory requirement of the same.
Our verifications are held in accordance with latest Standards of Auditing, with stringent application of our quality controls and at the same time keeping in mind the various Guidance notes on accounting standards and CARO (Companies Auditor's Report Order) requirements.
As you push ahead on your growth curve, allow us to take care of your assets and interests because we believe in providing a holistic solution with complete transparency and commitment, and we are sure you will expect nothing less from a trusted partner.

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