More than two decades of presence in the field of assets management and verification has enabled us to serve some of the biggest names in the industry. We proudly wear our experience of serving companies from the following sectors (Please contact us for further details.) -
- Telecom - Verification of BTS, TRX, 2G/3G/4G antenna, node sites, etc.
- Beverages - Verificaiton of Coolers (SGA), bottling plants, etc.
- Insurance - Office assets across Pan-India branches
- Banking and Micro-finance Institutions - Verification of multiple locations & branches in rural areas
- IT - High rate of depreciation of items with frequent write-offs
- Advertisement and Marketing Firms
- Manufacturing units - Multiple units spread across the country.
- Hospitality industry - Major Hotels and resorts
- Hospitals - Technical as well as office equipment
- Fashion lines
- Mega wholesale stores and chains
- Warehouses
- E-commerce and start ups
- Milk Producers and distributors
- Chemicals
- Logistics, supply chain and transportors
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